Our Services

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Knight Kare will keep your business clean, safe and healthy at a price that makes sense.

From restrooms to carpet cleaning or strip and wax of tiled floors: Improve the appearance and reputation of your business by supplementing your surface cleaning with our deep cleaning methods. Save on supplies and equipment as we provide our own commercial grade products.

Business owners

  • projects a first class image of your business
  • is proven to increase employee productivity, improving employee morale and reducing turnover
  • provides a safer workplace and decreases the number of worker comp claims due to slip & fall accidents
  • creates a healthy environment reducing the the spread of viruses and the amount of sick time taken by employees working in the building

Building owners

  • reduces maintenance costs and improves the longevity of the building
  • increases tenant satisfaction and reduce tenant turnover of rental units
  • ensures that property values will remain high
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24/7 Emergency Restoration

Knight Kare can help to restore your home after a disaster so that it looks as good as new or better than it did before. We are The Clean Trust/IICRC Certified Restoration Technicians with specialty industrial equipment ready 24/7 when you need us.
We have over 25 years restoration and remediation experience with: water damage, mold removal, fire & smoke damage, vandalism, and hazardous waste removal in Central Nova Scotia.

As a full service restoration and remediation company we offer:

  • Inspection/Consultation
  • Water Extraction
  • Sanitizing/Deodorizing
  • Carpet and Pad Salvaging, if possible
  • Waste Removal
  • Portable Energy Equipment
  • Total Drying of all Structural Materials (including Walls, Carpet and Furnishings)
  • Complete Psychometric Testing and Monitoring
  • Help Filing Insurance Claims
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Water Damage Restoration

Knight Kare understands the importance of quick response to increase the likelihood of saving your property, saving you and your insurance company costly and unnecessary replacements.

Wood floors are particularly susceptible to moisture and require IMMEDIATE professional drying and monitoring to avoid cupping and crowning (at which point it is very hard to restore). CALL US NOW at (902) 673-2788.

Harmful bacteria growth can begin within hours. Black water (Category 3 – is sewage back up or any run off water outside of the building structure) poses a health risk to you and your family and the water and all contaminated materials need to be disposed off and handled with caution; the premises need to be thoroughly sanitized and dried.

Standing clean potable water (Category 1) can turn into a Category 3 hazard in 2 to 3 days, and Grey water (Category 2 – not necessarily clean but not hazardous, like water from a washing machine, dishwasher, aquarium or waterbed) can turn into a Category 3 hazard in 48 hours. CALL US NOW at (902) 673-2788 to assess and deal with the situation promptly.

Mold Removal

Mold can cause serious structural damage to your property, as well as, serious health risks by affecting the quality of air inside of your home or office. When you hire Knight Kare, we will make sure the problem mold is completely eradicated and clean air is restored.

If you notice a musky smell in your home or workplace, or your loved ones or coworkers have been sneezing or having trouble breathing, you might have a serious mold problem.

If you do not know the scope of your molding issues, or if you only suspect that you may have molding, we can help you by assessing your property and taking the necessary measures to eradicate the problem.

Fire & Smoke Damage Mitigation

Knight Kare cleaning solutions and certified procedures assure the highest level of cleaning performance and protection for your property and furnishings.

Vandalism Restoration

Knight Kare can help you restore the exterior or interior of your vandalized commercial or residential space.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Knight Kare’s guarantee: Most thorough Carpet cleaning ever, Or It’s FREE !    

That’s right, if you don’t feel our carpet cleaning is the BEST you’ve ever had, we will return to your home as quickly as we can, and give you a free re-service. If we still can’t make you happy, we will refund your money.


We are confident our service is extraordinary and we offer the best value for your investment. Here are a just few reasons: 

  • With our deep cleaning your carpet will last longer – Spread the yarns apart and look way down, sand is grinding your carpet away everyday into the fibers you vacuum.
  • With our professional care your carpet will look better – Oily residues and soils from the street and air are permanently attaching to your carpet. This process called ‘oxidation’ causes permanent color change or ‘traffic lanes’. Clean before traffic lanes show up to prolong the life of your carpet or heirloom!
  • Protect your family’s health with our certified green cleaning products and our steam cleaning methods – Is the air starting to smell stale? Carpet filters and traps air pollutants so you don’t breathe them over and over. But when that trap gets full, your family starts breathing dust mite debris, pollen, fungus, spores, bacteria and a long list of other really gross stuff. Once your carpet’s natural filtering ability gets full, it is time to clean for your health’s sake. Clean every six months and you will breathe easier.

Preparing for your cleaning appointment

All these suggestions will contribute to a better cleaning. If you have any questions, please ask our helpful staff when you call to book your cleaning appointment.

  • Please remove any items on small furniture which need to be moved for the cleaning, like: dining room chairs, magazine holders, reading lamps, plants garbage bins, small area rugs, etc.
  • Please note that large or expensive items (including china cabinets, electronics, entertainment centres, antique furniture, oversized sofas or book shelves) cannot be moved by the technician. If you would like them moved for the cleaning, please make arrangements to have them moved before we arrive.
  • If you have any children or pets, please have them placed in an area of the home that will be safe and comfortable for them.
  • When your Knight Kare technician arrives, be sure to be present for the pre-inspection. This is the best time to point out any spots or areas which will require special attention.
  • Please notify the technician of any moving instructions for furniture which may be damaged or fragile as we are not liable for any damage cause to furniture due to poor condition.
  • Be aware that even though our truck does have an on board water supply, we may need to hook up to your water hose connection. Please ensure that the tap is on and accessible and that the valve is in working condition before we arrive.